Friday, March 23, 2007


There is an interesting article over at about serial killers and politicians. Below is a list of quotes about both. See if you can figure it out. Of whom was it said:

A) "He was a gung-ho type of person."
B) "He was the straightest guy I knew. The most we ever did was go to a party and drink beer."
C) "I always knew that [he] was going to do something great."
D) He was competitive, even in fishing. "It was, 'I caught seven fish and you only caught six.' "
E) "He's so smart. His mind just works a lot differently than others'."
F) ''He was deeply competent, organized, and good at what he did."
G) "Just a nice guy, like a big teddy bear."

Check out the article for the answers. Due to the nature of the story, I'm sure that they won't surprise you, but they're still pretty amazing.

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Anonymous said...

this guy's sketches are amusing..