Thursday, February 14, 2008

Say No To Unwanted Mail

Are you tired of all the mailbox clutter? Do you dread going to your mailbox because you know most of what is in there is unsolicited mail from advertisers? Do you hate wasting your time sifting through the clutter just to find that tasty bill? Do you shudder to think of all the trees that were sacrificed only to end up unwanted and unread in the landfill?

If you answered yes, help is as easy as a click away.

Direct Mail
The key to stopping all that unwanted advertising mail you receive at home is getting your name off the mailing lists. Of course, that's a lot easier said than done because there are, literally, thousands of commercial lists out there. Register here to remove your name & address. And Call 888-567-8688. This single automated phone line takes you off the lists of all major credit bureaus. You can also do this online.

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Natural Resources Defense Council and the Ecology Center have developed a new website called Catalog Choice. This site provides a free, easy to use service to allow individuals to opt out of unsolicited catalogs that arrive by mail. The website has already reduced catalog mailings by 5,682,372.