Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Creativity Can Save the World

Guy Kawasaki brought this story about a creative solution from PlayPumps that just could save the world. Frontline also had a story about this. It is amazing what we could be doing for our world instead of to it. And how much less money would it cost us if were made these kind of investments in the people of the world instead of how we are currently doing it?

Free Fonts!

Many times, free fonts are more trouble than they are worth. The kerning is bad, there are incomplete character sets and a phlethora of plain BAN design. But… there are always exceptions to the rules. Below are two places to find very nice examples of font swag. Make sure to read the fine print. Blambots has some pretty serious restrictions for usage, but Exlibris has very generous licensing.

On display here is Vaporized, Blambot's new free font for April 2008. It was designed as a sound effects font for comic art and works great for smoky/cloudy effects and sizzling energy beam blasts. The font includes Regular and Italic. Blambot is a great place for all the inspiring graphic novelists. In addition to frequent free font giveaways, they have a few articles about creating and publishing your graphic novel.

Exlibris has a number of well designed fonts ready for download in Mac and PC formats. These type treats are ready to go and should be a fine addition to your already overstocked font folders. And if you really like Jos Buivebga's fonts, visit his blog and subscribe to his feed so you can be the first to hear about any new offerings!