Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Back Yard

When you live in Riverside and renovate an old house, you never know what you might find - or find out. My house has yielded some pretty interesting things. Last week, a man showed up at my door and wanted to see the place. He grew up in the house in the sixties and seventies. It seems that Lynyrd Skynyrd actually jammed on my porch numerous times. He told me all about the missing plaster in our house and the history of some of the renovations that were made. He told me how the huge magnolia in our back yard was used to hoist engine blocks out of his friends' cars to work on them and how the gouges can to be in the bathroom door. We always thought that the owners we bought the house from were responsible as they hacked up the kitchen cabinets fairly well among other destructive things.

The stories from the past are certainly amazing. I can't imagine what we don't yet know, but it's the yard where the best treasures are found. Every time I work in my yard (and believe me, it needs work) the earth yields another secret. Recent finds include Batman and Power Ranger figures, a rubber lizard that has been keeping all the Cuban lizards company and a Ronco-matic type hair trimmer comb. Every time the earth is tckled, she yields another secret. The most amazing by far is the unidentified copper work of art my oldest dug up while weeding. If you know what it is, please drop me a line. I am going to start a new feature on the Rap blog for others who have found unusual treasures from the past.


Ellen said...

Looks to me to be an ornament from a fire engine. Maybe even a veterans memorial plate. Neat stuff! I look forward to your new site!

Babe in the Woods said...

I came by before and had hoped someone had the real story on this wonderful piece. Ellen's ideas sound good. Maybe you could visit the fire house and peek around, show them the plate and hope someone might know about it.
Sounds like your yard has a wonderful past.


Michael O'Connell said...

I'll keep everyone posted. Even though it looks like something from a fire engine, I am inclined to believe otherwise. It is only about 4" across and there is no visible means of attachement. I hope someone on the other blog will be able to help me out.

Thank you both for visiting.