Sunday, October 19, 2008

Did You Ever Wonder What It's Like Being A Freelance Designer?

I can't remember where I found this list, but designers hear these kinds of comments all the time. One of the rich, volunteers I dealt with some time ago on a charity event dismissed what I had been working on with a very terse "I'll just do it myself. I've got a graphic design program on my computer." Woman… please!

Listen us people… when working with PROFESSIONALS, keep in mind that most of us were trained to do what we do. Work with us. Ask us questions. And tell us why something doesn't work for you. And "I don't like it" doesn't tell us much. Why do you like pink for your bank? And any of you new-to-the-profession designers… don't get suckered in with the list. If you want to help a charity, a family member/friend or a start-up, do it because you want to. Not for any of the reasons below.

charity job everyone gets paid except you
gives exposure so does selling matches in the snow
you'll get your value back on the next jobs but not with us, we won't hire you again
it's only for the web where it will stand for years and be downloaded by millions of people
educational purposes we are gonna teach you a lesson
it's great! but can you make some changes? the director's niece made a doodle and he wants it to look just like it
we are not a commercial publication we sell 40,000 a week and still don't want to pay the talents
just do something quick but if it doesn't look awesome you'll get bashed
do something simple any idiot can do it, that's why we choose you
i can't pay much but i don't want it to look cheap
we will be in touch we found a homeless guy willing to do it for a bottle of wine.
can you start ASAP? I had it on my desk for weeks, but now it's your problem
because it's for an inside publication only, will it be cheaper? just forgot to mention the company is a multinational with more than 100000 employees.
don't spend much time on it work all night and charge me half an hour.
this could mean more jobs in our company if you like underpaid toilet cleaning.
i'd like to send you a copy as a token of our gratitude to use as a paperweight for all those unpaid bills.
due to crisis, we won't be able to continue using your work it was that or downgrading my company car.
can you live off that? shouldn't you be starving and homeless?
the check is in the mail virtually...

And now, I'm leaving for a much needed vacation.


Alina Chau said...

Great illo, and I can relate to your story!! HAve a wonderful vacation!

kj said...

aww, the life of a consultant!

it's nice to have you back, mike.


Bobo said...

Oh so true! I just feel like want to cry!

get zapped said...

Great post!

Robert McLaughlin said...

Hi Mike,

So, there go my dreams of working for myself!


Thanks for the reality check.

It's been a while since I've posted to IF. But I still get each week's announcement and plan to soon.

Paula. said...

Very funy

yoon see said...

Thanks, we are in the same boat.
Thanks for your insightful sharing.

marcello murru said...

Thanks for the post, and beautiful illo !!!
I like also the illo for 'REPAIR'

Flying Colors said...

Oh how true! I might have to post this one also :) to stop this abuse :) So concise and there. Thanks!
Oh and have a great vacation! I'm on staycation, stay home vacation trying to relax...

krickelkrakel said...

you’re so right.
happy halloween!

Josh (musarter) said...

Great illustration.

I also know the song and dance all to well, especially "The Check is in the Mail- Virtually."

It took me a couple years to see through the bullsh*t that clients can throw at you.

Cecilia Levy said...

haha, been there, done that, still doing it...

ellisillus said...

*gigglingwithperspirationonmyforhead* all this is true for anyone in the "service" branch - be it a waitress, illustrator or consultant.

thank you!


Katie said...

I love the one about the nieces doodle. I just about went in my pants. It's so true.