Monday, August 17, 2009

Charles Vess

I've always been a big fan of artists like NC Wyeth, Frank Godwin, Virginia Sterritt and the like. Old school illustrators with talent to spare. They were before my time but copies of the books they illustrated sent me on my own incredible journeys and, I am quite certain, sparked the love of all things fantastic - books, comics, movies and more. They transport me back in time to when I was a pirate or a cowboy… times when I had less worry and responsibility… times gone by… For the most part, those artists have all left us. Some carry the tradition onward, thankfully. My fav is Charles Vess. Even his name is reminiscent of the masters from days gone by. His new book, Drawing Down the Moon is soon to be released. One of his many collaborations with author Neil Gaiman can be seen here with commentary from the artist. It is worth a look. I plan to get it when it is released.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my art. I'm very excited about my up-coming art book too! I've posted a long blog entry on my site with many images from the book. Here's a link:

The initial orders for the book will be through the Diamond Previews August issue (available now in a comic book shop near you). These orders are pretty important as they usually determine wheter a book is actually published or not.

Charles Vess