Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Song Is It You Want To Hear?

I heard it then…

I admit it. I am a geek. I read fantasy, scifi and comic books when I get the chance… just for a little entertainment and maybe for a bit of an escape from the rat race. And I do like most of the geeky shows now on TV – Lost, 24, Heroes and the uber-geek show Chuck.

So finding connections in weird things and in weird ways shouldn't be that freaky. Coincidence shouldn't catch me off guard. But this one did. When I found "Sawyer's Nickname Generator" I had to try it out. So what it come up with? It's there on the screen. So how does that tie into geek-dom. It doesn't really, except for all the troubling coincidences. And it sure does hit home with me. How did it know?

First off, I live where Lynyrd Skynyrd is/was from. And in a wacky way I am related to the Van Zants. Coach Leonard Skinner got in a bidding war for one of my paintings at an auction. And if that wasn't enough, before they made it big the band used to jam on the sun porch at the house I just sold. So there is a time/space thing going on. That's just too much coincidence. Maybe it is a LOST thing. There are way too many coincidental things happening there as well. Can't wait for the new season.

Go on. Click on the picture above and see what your nickname is.


Hey, Hey!!! said...

You think yours is geeky? My is Mr. Halminton. I'm not even a boy.

Michael O'Connell said...

so mr. hamilton… how do you do?