Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Off and Running

I do my fair share of reading things that other people post on the internet, web sites, forums and blogs, among other things, mostly to expand my knowledge and partly because I think we all have a little bit of voyeur in us. The content of the web sites and blogs run the gamut, but the forums are generally business related, specifically advertising, marketing and design. Most of the time I am truly impressed by what people are willing to share with complete strangers. But every once and a while, I come across a post that gets my blood boiling. For instance, a recent post titled "Why Is Branding Important?" sounded a bit intriguing. I thought that it was a marketing ploy to get me involved in a discussion about branding. After reading the post, I had one of my greatest pet peeves reinforced. The post reads "I would like to ask the following question....if you have a good the right branding really that important?"

I could begin this blog with a rant. It deserves it. But marketers who have to ask the question probably would never understand the answer.

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